What halfway houses can teach us about change.

Correctional Service of Canada

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Most Canadians would agree (I think) that halfway houses are necessary to help federal prisoners transition back into mainstream society. The experts certainly agree with that statement. According to the Correctional Service of Canada’s Standard Operating Practices of Community Supervision “gradual release is the safest correctional strategy for the protection of society.”

Here’s my problem: While most us agree that halfway houses are needed, a lot of us say, “Just don’t put it next to my house.”

Beliefs about organizational change are the same. We complain about where we work or how we work. We demand change but refuse to consider that we as individuals should be the ones changing. “We have to do things differently… just don’t touch my job.” It’s not just corporate life, either. Team based professional athletes plead with their general managers to improve the team but refuse to understand that they might be the ones traded to another squad.

If you want true organizational change to occur, start with yourself. It’s the first step towards corporate rehabilitation.

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