We’ve made a horrible mistake.

Yup. “We’ve made a horrible mistake.” That’s how Nancy Vonk, Co-Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy described the ad industry’s approach to training and development. Nancy was part of a panel I gathered to discuss the lack of training in our industry. Also joining the conversation were Anthony Kalamut, Leslie Ehm, Jeff Potnikoff, and Suzanne Filiatrault. It was all part of XChange, a new online show that I launched in partnership with Cartilage Digital, Marketing Magazine and Dx3.

As you’ll see, the discussion is lively and the content is rich.

Thanks to our panelists for spending the time. And thanks to you for watching.

I welcome your comments and suggestions for topics to discuss or panelists to feature in the future.


  1. william

    Great job RT. The blog will get Retweeted by me , Simon, CartilageAnd Brown.Think GREEN www.gpo.cawww.greenparty.ca

  2. jenleeT

    Great XChange. Applies to many industries. Training / Mentorship has fallen by the wayside. Just think of all the bad customer service experiences we encounter everyday. I think it was @swwoz that mentioned frustration regarding “transferable learning”. The ability to apply knowledge in certain areas and “figure out” how to use it for new tasks, problems etc. I’ve had many debates with educators about the need to teach that skill. I have felt that frustration many times.Can’t wait for the next XChange!

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