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Something that keeps coming up in consumer research is what we call, “The State of O”. Overworked. Overtired. Overburdened. Over-connected. There’s a lot going on in our lives and it feels like we can’t jam anything else into our busy schedules.

But we have to.

If we don’t occasionally step back, take a breath and actually think about things, we run the risk of being almost exclusively reactive. That’s not good for our brands, our companies, or our careers. That’s what I love about the Art of Marketing. (Full disclosure: I’m hosting Monday’s event in Toronto). It gives smart professionals a chance to hear from some of the industry’s most forward thinking individuals.

This time, you’ll hear from:

Guy Kawasaki
Jeffrey Hayzlett
Gary Vaynerchuk
Dr. Sheena Iyengar
Avinash Kaushik

I’ve shared the stage with Gary and Avinash before and they’re both incredibly gifted speakers. I’m really looking forward to meeting and hearing the rest. I have 3 tickets to give away to Monday’s event. Here’s all you have to do:

Place a comment below. I’ll get someone else to pick random numbers and give those individual the tickets. Contest ends at 4pm today.


  1. jonmacarthur

    Sounds like an awesome event. I’d love to attend.

  2. Leslie in Toronto

    Are we allowed to comment more than once? This would be really interesting to attend.

  3. Jeremy Chaput

    This would be a wonderful event to attend. There’s nothing better then seeing great speakers on great topics.

    • Toma,I love how you compared twtetir followers to the currency and I understand exactly what you mean by that!I’ve been retweeted by some people followed by tens of thousands of people on Twitter but I get more visitors from some people that are followed by just a few hundred.

  4. darryldinn

    I’d like to throw my hat in!

  5. Daniel

    I like free stuff… and have tiger blood.

  6. shiorimine

    Oh I’m actually in Toronto that day in the evening so that be perfect 😀

    • Passion has no Passion has no connection here. It’s just a How To adesvtire your business using Social Networking book.He said something about Timmy making money from social networking because he likes Karate? Really? how? Hey I like karate, will you give me money?

  7. jake

    would be great to attend!

  8. Samantha

    Hi Ron,Fantastic panel, was at the last one… Would love to attend this one…

  9. Vishal

    I attended last year, it was amazing. This year looks like it’s gonna be as good, if not better.

  10. Jason Sorrenti

    Ron, you’re like Charlie Sheen, you expose people to magic!

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