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The ability to tell compelling and engaging stories is critically important in selling your ideas, your company, your product or even yourself. Most corporate audiences I speak to agree with this notion. And then comes the usual response: “I’m just not a very good storyteller.”

My follow up? “How did you meet your spouse?”

This question immediately brings out everyone’s inner Spalding Gray. Even the shyest of the bunch can instantly deliver a narrative filled with great characters, intrigue, humour, and romance. They’re engaging, they’re emotional, and well, they’re good. They don’t have notes to refer to and they don’t whip out a PowerPoint deck to help them out along the way.

Here’s why:
1.        It’s personal.
2.        They’ve told the story hundreds of times.

Storytelling isn’t about talent. It’s about preparation. To be engaging with prospects, clients or colleagues, you have to tell the story from YOUR perspective. If it doesn’t matter to you, it probably won’t matter to them. Once you have the story, practice it. And then do it again. And again. Over time, you’ll bring it to life and leave people wanting more.

Do you want more? Check back tomorrow when I’ll reveal some more great tips on telling a great corporate story. I’d also like to know what you think are some of the most legendary corporate stories. Dell’s “This company began in Michael Dell’s garage” story is one of mine. Let me know. 


  1. Josh Dyan

    Ron I love this post. We always strive to tell a story, not present. Not enough people do. Fewer do it well.

  2. Ron Tite

    Thanks, Josh. Glad you like it and thanks for reading.

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